2 comments on “Is it time to call a taxi for the Yemeni Revolution?

  1. Salam Justthought5, I was brought here by a mention on twitter and I wanted to clarify something. Some people have interpreted what I wrote as being negative, too indulgent of Saleh, etc. Nothing could be further than the truth. Im 100% FOR complete overhaul and change in Yemen. The frustration in the entry I wrote comes from the fact that the average Yemeni, who is one of the poorest in the world, is paying the highest price, of any of the Arab Spring Revolutions. I have no control how people interpret other people’s entries, but I wanted to make it clear that that was not a pro saleh or anti revolutionary piece.

    • Salam YemeniAbroad, firstly I’d like to say thanks for the clarification. I understand your frustration and I believe I understood what you meant to gain from such an entry. I posted your entry because I admired your truthfulness in this piece, people need to understand that a person can support a revolution & have fears and get frustrated. I’m on twitter and have not seen that others interpret this piece as “Anti revolutionary” to be honest I think it is your right as a Yemeni to care what will happen to the average Yemeni. I would think a note at the end of your entry should suffice to clarify any misinterpretations.

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