2 comments on “Silence of injustice is complicity in crime.

  1. Like you back in 2007to20011 I strongly supported the sapration becuase it was the only hope for yemenis in the south and fully understand why is their brothers in the nourthare not saying , doing anything about it the fact is the ppl in the nourth are more supressed and easy targeted from the regaim than those who live in the south. But now I think things are different and there is hope for both ppl in the nourth and the south all togather for better strong united yemen . Ali abdullah saleh and his family and few ppl who benfits from his exestince in power causese all the problems yemen is facing if the yemenise success to remove thim 95 percents of yemen problems will be solved and I don’t think in the interest of yemenis to saprate and have two rival regaims the new regaim in the south will be driving by emotions and empathy the will spark arm race and other chalanges and focus on bulding army rather than economy baiscly will take us back to the 1980s and 70 and later on southners will find them selve in a need of change and onathe revolution simply sapration will complcate things for both sides and that’s my opnion.

    • Thanks for your opinion but to be honest Mustafa I’m not saying I want separation, but merely I want the north to recognize the legitimate grievances’ of the south. The people of the north could’ve been given the excuse they’re ‘suppressed’ or ‘easy targets’ of the regime before the revolution. Now what is their excuse? Everyday they’re out, everyday they fight not afraid of death – Why not address the south? I want the North to speak up, try and sort it out..It’s a long road but at the moment I don’t even see that little but vital step of working towards change when it comes to the matter. I understand your point of view – but I just don’t see any logical excuse for the north. Before they might’ve been un-willingly not standing up, now the people of the north are willingly ignoring..

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